I'm Christina Vinters, a nationally designated Chartered Mediator, gratefully non-practicing Family Law Lawyer, Author of Pathways to Amicable Divorce and the DIY Divorce Manual, and Host of the Divorce Well Podcast.

Christina Vinters, J.D., Mediator, Founder of innovative divorce mediation firm

Through my years of work as a Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Mediator, I have extensive experience helping couples with most types of family situations, both preventing problems and resolving disagreements.

I have had the privilege of serving family law clients who required separation assistance structuring the division of net worth in the tens of millions of dollars as well as clients for whom the sole focus was coordinating the healthy co-parenting of their children.

I have seen the financial and emotional damage that divorce court can cause families and it was for this reason that I dedicated myself exclusively to out-of-court resolution. 

I believe that people deserve a way to peacefully and efficiently handle separation and divorce so that they can continue their lives in a functional way. 


Honours B.A., University of Toronto (Sociology).

J.D. (Law Degree), University of Victoria.

Family Law Mediator, Law Society of British Columbia.

Chartered Mediator, ADR Institute of Canada.

cofounder. liaison.jpg
Juris Vinters, Co-Founder of innovative divorce mediation firm

I'm Juris Vinters. As the Client Liaison, my goal is to provide you with clear and compassionate assistance to reduce the stress of the separation process.

I am the first point of contact for clients. I'll fill you in on the details of our process and answer your questions about mediation. 

For clients going through our Simple Package, I am available throughout the course of your mediation package to help with technical questions relating to your web-chats, scheduling, and updates as needed. 

For clients going through our Intensive Package, I also facilitate Debriefs after mediation meetings to assist clients with processing the experience, get clarity on next steps, and provide any referrals that may be helpful for progressing towards an agreement.


Honours B.A., University of Toronto (Philosophy and Psychoanalytic Thought).

Master of Arts, Indiana University - Bloomington (History of Human Sciences and the Study of Human Emotion).

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