Pathways to Amicable Divorce: Directions for the Beginning of Separation is an easy-to-read guide to separation full of tips and processes for resolving issues without ending up in family court.


Part of the challenge of growing a collaborative or mediation practice is that many people still haven't heard about these options.

People generally choose familiar options, particularly people experiencing significant stress. This makes it challenging for clients to embrace these new-to-them options after having been introduced to the concepts over the course of one or two meetings.

We also know that clients only absorb a small fraction of the information we provide to them in our meetings due to their stress and anxiety.

In addition, many times your client loves the ADR options but cannot convince his or her spouse to participate!


The information is organized into bite-sized chunks, written in easy-to-read language, full of vivid examples. The book was specifically written to overcome the above opt-in challenges. It is the ideal client handout for collaborative and mediation professionals working in the area of divorce. When the rings come off, people need to be provided clarity and hope for positive resolution.



Provide unexpected value to prospective and existing clients. Business development is all about going above and beyond these days! Wow your clients for a steady stream of referrals.

Extend your impact beyond your client meetings. Clients can refer to Pathways to get clear on the options and get a refresher on some of the details they likely didn't absorb during your meeting.

Transmit information to your client's spouse in a neutral way. Your client can provide a copy of Pathwaysto his or her spouse to begin the conversation about choosing an ADR option.

Put clients in a positive, resolution-oriented mindset, which not only results in healthier family outcomes but also makes your job easier!

Educate high-value referral sources about your services and the benefits to your mutual clients.

Donate to your local public libraries and family resource centres, to put easy-to-read information about your preferred areas of practice in the public domain.

All of the above strategies increase familiarity and comfort in your community with the types of consensual dispute resolution work you'd like to attract!

Business Consulting for Mediators and Divorce Lawyers


I offer distribution rights for a PDF copy of Pathways customized with your firm's branding and information. This allows you to give away unlimited copies of the book and to post it as a resource on your website. A PDF copy can be read on a computer, smartphone, tablet, and some e-readers.


Individual print copies of Pathways sell for $16.95 on Amazon. However, to help spread the word about amicable divorce options and to help divorce professionals market their own practices, I provide divorce professionals the ability to pay a one-time fee for the right to distribute (on your website and via email) a PDF copy of Pathways customized with your firm's branding and contact information.


The Pathways marketing resource provides incredible value. I am confident that you will find this resource to provide the biggest bang for your marketing buck!

The costs compare approximately to the following:

  • 1 newspaper advertisement

  • 1 Facebook promotion

  • 1 Google promotion

  • 1 print run of tri-fold brochures

None of the above alternatives allow you to provide comprehensive information and connect with your existing and prospective clients on the deep level that Pathways accomplishes.

Invest in your practice to start focusing on the kind of work that lights you up! Use Pathways to build up your peacemaking practice.

Download a complimentary copy of Pathways to Amicable Divorce to see the value of the resource as well as the branding options on page 2 and in the footer!

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