All of our innovative Separation Agreement process options will work whether you have a simple situation that simply needs to be ‘papered’ or you have complicated disagreements that need to be resolved.

Modern Separations provides innovative e-mediation services.

E-mediation is the process of deciding on your legal family matters with the help of a neutral mediator by video chat or phone. Through very user-friendly technology that will work on any computer, tablet or smartphone, we work with separating couples across British Columbia.

E-mediation is also known as online mediation, distance mediation, online divorce, online dispute resolution, and online ADR.

As long as you have either a phone connection or an internet connection, we can work with you without anyone incurring the time, inconvenience and cost of coordinating a physical meeting:

  • you and your partner and the mediator can be in three different geographic locations;

  • you and your partner can be in the same location and the mediator can be in a different location.

Comfortable divorce mediation at
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Watch our video on the 7 Reasons We Love E-Mediation to find out why we recommend it to all of our family mediation clients for their legal separation:

Some of the benefits of divorce e-mediation for you are:

  • increase in scheduling flexibility and convenience

  • ability to manage family law matters in the comfort & privacy of your own space

  • increase in efficiency & speed of resolution

  • decrease of emotional triggers, like body language, facial expressions

  • increase in feeling of safety

We find that through e-mediation many clients are better able to focus on the business of their separation without getting bogged down in the emotional issues that can arise when meeting in the same physical space.

We have the option of meeting in person in Vernon, British Columbia

We also provide in person meetings for family law mediation in Vernon, BC.

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Although there are many benefits to e-mediation for everyone, even those who are geographically close to each other, some clients like to have a sit-down with the mediator around an actual table. We have created a comfortable environment to allow our clients to move through their difficult life transition with as little stress as possible.

We offer service in person for Separation Agreements at our home office in the East Hill neighbourhood of Vernon, British Columbia for clients located in the Okanagan Valley/Shuswap areas.

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