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Our recent retreat in Hawaii was phenomenal.

We all came back with renewed energy and purpose for our professional practices. There's something absolutely magical and transformative about having extended time with like-minded professionals in a stunning environment.

We focused on business planning for the year, brainstormed challenges, and had time to think creatively about exciting new projects. In our down time, we snorkeled, hiked, journaled, napped, did yoga, and took a surfing lesson.

It was extraordinary.


I'm sorry: registration is closed for the present Mastermind session. However, you can get on the waiting list to find out about future offerings, including the next Retreat!

Waiting List


What can I say about Christina Vinters_ I don't know how she does it. Except that I do, because she tells me. And I learn. So much. Christina has successfully completed an about face with her practice, a (2).jpg

Many of us have impressive and daunting projects that we'd like to get off the ground to change the face of divorce and change our experience of practice.

No doubt we've all taken 1-hour webinars or 1-day courses on topics like networking for professionals, building your collaborative practice, and business development for small firms. 

And what happens when we get home? The binder goes on the bookshelf and we hunker down to catch up on the files that piled up while we were away...

Women's Mastermind Group

These experiences of brief optimism followed by the status quo can be extremely frustrating. They may leave you wondering whether significant change is actually realistic. The "back to business as usual" experience is the deflating epitome of following adage: 

A goal without a plan is just a wish.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

While there's no question that we are capable people, we can do so much more and make progress so much faster with the synergies created by a supportive group working towards similar goals.

It was through an intensive Mastermind group that I managed to transform a lot of my wishes into action plans. 

Did you know that in less than 2 years I have:

started my own successful mediation firmpublished two bookshad one book translated into Spanishcreated the Modern Separations Entrepreneurs Facebook communitylaunched my own podcastreceived media attention i.jpg

However, the Mastermind group that I participated in was a general group of business owners in many different fields and I believe that there is even more potential in a specialized group.

Women's Mastermind Group
Women's Mastermind Group

The solution is here.

Women's Mastermind Group Modern Separations

Our private Women's Mastermind Group will be composed of peacemaking professionals looking to improve, expand, or shift their professional practice.

The Women's Mastermind Group will be capped at 8 members in order to maximize effective connections and to keep everyone engaged and accountable. We don't want anyone fading into the woodwork! This is an opportunity to go all-in on innovating in your practice.

You are the right fit if you have drive, creativity and passion to put into taking your peacemaking practice to new heights!


  • Pre-launch preparation suggestions.
  • Monthly 1-hour group calls via Zoom (video chat) to brainstorm, plan, trouble-shoot, and get feedback.
  • Support from me in a private Mastermind Facebook Group. 
  • Regular connection with other members. Ask questions, ask for feedback, share your difficulties, and get inspiration in a private forum.
  • Pairing with a Mastermind buddy.
  • Regular accountability regarding your progress on your chosen goals.
  • Minimum 6 month commitment, with an option to continue throughout 2018.

Mastermind Group Benefits

  • Commitment to yourself to complete a macro-level assessment of your true goals and to create a corresponding, highly-detailed action plan
  • Access to the feedback, skills, strategy and experience of the entire group.
  • Inspiration from the inside scoop of others' projects, progress and successes.
  • Accountability to follow through on detailed planning and task completion.
  • Faster progress through consistent and focused efforts.
  • Deeper connections with like-minded women professionals.
  • Support for working smarter!
  • A tax-deductible boost for your business and your morale!
The path to success is to take massive, determined action.
— Tony Robbins

Women's Mastermind Group


    • Monthly Zoom calls, the day and time to be based on the preferences of the members.
    • Review of your overarching goals. What would you love to achieve? This is the time to think big!
    • Determination of what steps you need to take to achieve your goals. Do you need to re-brand? Increase your credibility? A new approach to marketing? An online presence? Different daily structure?
    • We will use the collective knowledge and experience of the group to focus and re-fine your research and ideas.
    • Begin implementation
    • As you are implementing, you will have access to feedback and advice from the Mastermind members. Experiment, trouble-shoot, iterate.
    • Each month you will set specific, measurable goals to achieve that will move you closer to your big goal and each month you will answer to the group as to whether you've completed your tasks as planned.
    • Iterate as you go to improve your implementation and pivot as needed based on results and feedback.
    • Gain connections, support and inspiration to help you thrive in this tough profession.

    I'm so excited to work with you on doing more of the kind of work that lights you up!

    To better divorces and happier practices! Let's do this.



    Christina Vinters
    The future depends on what you do today.
    — Mahatma Gandhi