Yes, your separation can be quick & comfortable if you start well.

You are trying to navigate your separation and divorce in your family's best interests. It's a daunting legal system but you've come to the right place: family law mediation is an amazingly effective choice whether you are in the midst of the legal separation process or changing the details of your existing Separation Agreement or divorce order. Family law mediation is not only effective but also one of the best choices for a low-stress, respectful, cost-efficient resolution.

We help you understand your options, develop the right mindset, and avoid common pitfalls through Christina's critically-acclaimed book, Pathways to Amicable Divorce: Directions for the Beginning of Separation.

Divorce book
Divorce book

Family Law Mediation for your Separation Agreement

Divorce Mediation

You have a handshake agreement that needs to be 'papered' into a Separation Agreement

If you have already discussed and agreed upon specific terms, we can meet virtually or in person to review the details of your verbal agreement and then document your agreement in writing based on your joint instructions. In family law, a verbal agreement is not enforceable.


You are having difficulty agreeing on what should go into your Separation Agreement

Family law mediation is a flexible and highly effective process. The goal is to reach the best possible outcomes for each person and the process requires respectful, good faith negotiations. With the guidance of a skilled family mediator, most people are able to effectively navigate separation and preserve the health and functionality of their relationship going forward.

We provide legal information regarding the issues facing your family, facilitate discussions of possible resolutions, and document your Separation Agreement in writing for you based on your joint instructions; all in ways that are tailored to your family's needs.

Our Separation Agreement Process

  1. Each participant will have a private & confidential Initial Consultation for Family Law Mediation.

  2. If you both agree to participate, we will then meet together either virtually or in person as needed until you have reached the terms of agreement. The average number seems to be 2 - 3 joint meetings.

  3. We will document your agreement according to your joint instructions. You have the option of obtaining Independent Legal Advice before you sign the agreement (recommended but optional). If you are in British Columbia, the document will be a Separation Agreement. If you are in other parts of Canada or the United States, the document will be a Memorandum of Understanding.

  4. Done!

Family Law Issues

In your Separation Agreement, we are able to address all of the issues arising out of your separation that are relevant and important to you, including:

  • Determination of family property and debt
  • Division of family property and debt (for example, documenting the details of one of you buying the family home from the other so that you can get bank re-financing approved)
  • Parenting arrangements and parenting time (formerly referred to as custody and access)
  • Child support
  • Special and extraordinary expenses for your children (such as daycare expenses, extra-curricular activities, medical expenses, etc.)
  • Spousal support (also known as alimony)
  • Decision-making and communication guidelines
  • Interim arrangements, such as use of the family home, management of household expenses, and support, pending the final transfer or sale of the family home
  • Other details specific to your family.

In addition, we can help you review many issues that were decided in your Separation Agreement or court order that now require some time of adjustment. We can help you discuss and agree upon the changes that you need, and draft an Addendum for you. Some of these situations might be:

  • Review of child support
  • Review of special and extraordinary expenses for your children
  • Review of spousal support
  • Review of parenting arrangements and parenting time
  • Discussion of any issues that have arisen in your family arrangements and need to be resolved.

Your separation doesn't have to be the awful battle that you've heard about from your friends. The majority of our clients complete their Separation Agreement within one month through our family law mediation process.

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