You want to work with a professional you can trust to help your family separate well. See our clients’ testimonials about our expertise, efficiency, sensitivity and neutrality.

Modern Separations is recommended for Separation Agreements

"Everything was great, I will suggest this to anyone needing the service." - Jeff

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"Many thanks for helping us get our legal separation sorted so easily and quickly." - Natasha

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"My heartfelt THANKS to you for your efficient and sensitive guidance through this scary ‘legal maze’. The family mediation process was far less stressful than I had anticipated. I highly recommend Christina Vinters to anyone who needs a Separation Agreement and wants it completed with as little stress and unpleasantness as possible!" - Evelin

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“A special thanks for assisting my wife and me to reach this agreement. The tact and diplomacy you provided as a mediator was very welcomed and helpful during what is a challenging time.” - John

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“Christina explained everything in great detail. She was very efficient, kind and knowledgeable, and was successful at getting a positive outcome. I highly recommend Christina.” - Jamie

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"I found Christina’s professional manner and knowledge extremely helpful, especially when in a vulnerable situation. It was much better than being isolated with a divorce lawyer and having to repeat information continuously, when this was face to face and easy to come to a compromise. My experience was great and I referred a friend too, while finishing up our mediation. Thank you." - Michelle

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"I was able to communicate my proposals in the process in a safe, non-intimidating environment. Christina was able to grasp what was involved in our agreement accurately and quickly. She was flexible and remained neutral." - Darlene


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