If you want help respectfully discussing & documenting the terms of your Separation Agreement, our innovative & streamlined process is for you.

Your legal separation can be quick & comfortable with the right help.

Modern Separations

It's a daunting legal system but you've come to the right place: we help separating couples discuss and document all of the issues arising out of their separation.

Our Separation Agreement process is not only effective but also one of the best choices for a low-stress, respectful, cost-efficient resolution.


We've thought carefully about what most separating couples truly want and we've created an innovative process to help you achieve a quick & comfortable resolution so you can move on with life. We’ve found that the majority of our clients simply want to be legally separated in a way that is fair, quick, and preserves the well-being of each member of the family.

We have expertise in family law as well as de-escalation of conflict and peaceful resolution of family law issues.


What is unique about our approach to legal separation mediation in BC?

We help couples across British Columbia work through disagreements together in a way that minimizes stress and protects your savings. Rather than you each hiring your own lawyer, together you hire one mediator.

We know that you don't want to write a blank cheque for hourly billing of fees so we have created a 4-week flat fee package. This removes one significant source of stress during an already stressful time.

We give you the flexibility and comfort of choosing to complete the entire process through video chat (via an easy-to-use service available on your computer, tablet or smartphone) or in person, depending on your personal preferences.

We will facilitate a detailed settlement discussion and then draft your Separation Agreement based on your joint instructions. the vast majority of our clients finish our process with a signed Separation Agreement within one month.


Our approach is appropriate for you if:

  1. You have a verbal agreement that needs to be ‘papered’ into a Separation Agreement.

    If you have already discussed and agreed upon specific separation terms, we can meet virtually or in person to review the details of your verbal agreement and then document your agreement in writing based on your joint instructions. We are qualified to draft your legal Separation Agreement.


  2. You are having difficulty agreeing on what should go into your Separation Agreement.

    The goal of our family mediation process is to reach the best possible outcomes for each person and the process requires respectful, good faith negotiations. With the guidance of a skilled family mediator, most people are able to effectively navigate separation and preserve the health and functionality of their relationship going forward.

    We provide legal information regarding the issues facing your family, the Family Law Act, and the Divorce Act. We facilitate discussions of possible resolutions, and then document your legal Separation Agreement in writing for you based on your joint instructions.

We work with kind-hearted, thoughtful human beings who are seeking closure & a fresh start.

If you are looking to disparage your spouse during the process, use intimidation as a negotiation tactic, or 'win' at the expense of your spouse and/or your children, we are not for you!

Check out our video to learn more about our innovative & streamlined process for Separation Agreements in BC:

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