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Both the Simple Package and the Intensive Package start the same way: with an Initial Consultation for each spouse.

We offer a variety of Initial Consultation options to meet the needs of your schedule.

Modern Separations has daytime or evening appointments
  • Daytime Meetings

  • Evening Meetings

Modern Separations offers meetings by video chat, phone or in person
  • Video Chat

  • Telephone

  • In Person

Please note: Each participant must have their own individual private & confidential Initial Consultation as we are required by the Law Society of British Columbia to meet with each participant individually before we meet all together. After meeting with you each separately, we will then set up a joint meeting.


To book your Initial Consultation, scroll down and click on your preferred combination of timing and format:

If you prefer to speak to a human being instead or if you can’t find a time that suits you, please call 778-475-8002 and we'll be happy to help you by phone.