We have created an innovative & streamlined divorce mediation process to help you complete a legal Separation Agreement. Our approach for documenting your Separation Agreement works whether you have a verbal agreement that simply needs to be ‘papered’ into a legal Separation Agreement or you have complicated disagreements that need to be resolved.

Separation Agreement Roadmap

Modern Separations Family Law Mediation Process at www.modernseparations.com
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Each participant will have their own private & confidential Initial Consultation (by phone, video chat or in person).

We are required by the Law Society of BC to meet with each participant individually before we meet all together.

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If you both agree to participate, we will then meet together either virtually or in person as needed until you have reached the terms of agreement.

Most of our clients need 1 - 2 Joint Meetings to reach agreement through our highly-focused process. Higher conflict situations may require 3 or more meetings.

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The family law mediator will draft your Separation Agreement according to your joint instructions.

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We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to sign your Separation Agreement so that it will be a legally binding document. You have the option of obtaining Independent Legal Advice before you sign the agreement (recommended but optional).

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Please know that your separation doesn't have to be the awful battle that you've heard about from your friends. The majority of our clients complete their legal Separation Agreement within one month through our innovative family mediation process.


Check out our short video to better understand our family law mediation process:

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