Living Forward provides a great framework for clarifying and implementing your values, priorities and goals to create your ideal life.

The book starts with the following quote: "The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you're not going to stay where you are." -J.P. Morgan

This is a simple but fundamental point. The book then sets out a system for heightening your sense of what's truly possible and developing a plan for how to get to that better destination of living life with purpose and intention.

I love the book's message that we are in control of our lives and we have more control than many of us actively acknowledge.

Hyatt and Harkavy state that drifting through life happens when people are unaware, distracted, overwhelmed, or deceived by their own beliefs. To further complicate matters, when we are passively drifting we lose perspective, lose opportunities, and expend a lot of time and money without making progress towards any goals.

We need to be fully aware of our own unique goals for each part of our lives: intellectual, spiritual, relational, physical, vocational, and avocational. As the authors state: "there is no point keeping up with the Joneses if they're going someplace you don't want to go."

Once you are clear about your goals and your priorities, you will be able to properly assess each opportunity that arises to determine how and whether it fits into your life plan.

The authors say creating a life plan is about "breaking free of your limiting beliefs, tapping into your deepest desires, and standing in the realm of possibility" - how great is that? I think that everyone could benefit from a periodic overview of how their life is lining up with their goals, expectations, values, hopes and priorities. I appreciate the reminder that we don't need to settle for what is and can take steps towards whatever better future we can imagine for ourselves.

The key takeaway is summed up by a quote from Andy Warhol: "they always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."

This book is a relatively quick and inspiring read, and provides solid suggestions for taking action.

What's your life plan? Let me know if you found this book helpful!