20 - Family Court (Canada), with Audra Bayer

Divorce Well Podcast

If you're considering heading off to family court, listen to this episode and consider first whether you have any better options for resolution. Court should be the last resort! It's often best used in scenarios involving a person with serious mental health or substance abuse issues which make voluntary and reasonable dispute resolution impossible. I talk to Audra Bayer about the experience of family court in Canada.

Audra has been practising law in Manitoba since 2000 and British Columbia since 2012 and has built a strong and reputable practice. She is a senior lawyer, and member of the management committee with MacLean Law responsible for HR administration and other responsibilities. 

She has demonstrated her commitment to individuals with limited financial resources by providing legal services to clients with Access Pro Bono in Manitoba and British Columbia.  Audra also participated in the University of Manitoba mentorship program.

Audra Bayer practices mainly in the area of family law with a focus on the litigation, resolution and mediation of high conflict matters and cases where family violence is a factor. Audra is also a collaborative law practitioner., a mediator and an arbitrator. Audra has been involved with both the Provincial (BC and Manitoba) and National Canadian Bar Association Sections having occupied several Executive Positions over the years.

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