21 - Family Court (U.S.), with Sarah Jacobs

Divorce Well Podcast

Although out of court resolution is the preferred option whenever possible, there are situations where one needs the power of the Court to make an Order. For those facing a possible court process, Sarah Jacobs explains what it is like to prepare for family court in her jurisdiction (New Jersey).

Sarah Jacobs is dedicated to protecting the interests of clients in family law proceedings. Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law Attorney and Qualified as a Family Law Mediator, she possesses nearly 15 years of experience practicing law throughout the State of New Jersey. Sarah’s personal philosophy, and that of the Jacobs Berger team, is to build a family life plan out of family law problems. She and the entire firm see their role as architects of restructured family units who help families transition and establish new roles and responsibilities while minimizing strain. While she works with clients in a cooperative setting, Sarah is also a skilled litigator with the knowledge needed to take even the most complex cases to court. Over the years, Sarah has developed a concentration in litigation involving child custody and relocation issues. Sarah is particularly interested in the utilization of experts, evaluations, parent coordination, mediation and the roles of these “tools” in family law matters.

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