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24 - User-Friendly Tech for Divorce, with Hello Divorce founder Erin Levine

Interview with Erin Levine about her platform, Hello Divorce, you can have your needs assessed and get assistance that is tailored to maximize your benefit, lower your financial exposure, and empower you to embark on a fresh start. Because, as Erin says, if you’ve got to be thrown into the court system just to exit a relationship, might as well make it as simple, easy, high quality, convenient and cost effective as possible.

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20 - Family Court (Canada), with Audra Bayer

If you're considering heading off to family court, listen to this episode and consider first whether you have any better options for resolution. Court should be the last resort! It's often best used in scenarios involving a person with serious mental health or substance abuse issues which make voluntary and reasonable dispute resolution impossible. I talk to Audra Bayer about the experience of family court in Canada.

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