23 - Children's Books to help with Family Transitions, with author Nadine Haruni

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Nadine Haruni is the Author of the Gold Mom's Choice Award winning Freeda the Frog™ Children's Book series, which focuses on different family situations and helping children cope with various life issues. In addition to writing, Nadine is a practicing attorney and a certified yoga instructor. Nadine has gone through a divorce herself and is now re-married with 5 children.

The Freeda the Frog™ Children’s book series is designed to help kids cope with various situations or understand that they are not alone, and that families come in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes. The books will help families or psychologists introduce the difficult subjects and open up a discussion with their young children or patients. The first book, “Freeda The Frog Gets A Divorce” focuses on divorce. The follow up book is “Freeda The Frog & Her New Blue Family,” and is geared toward step-families, as well as families of mixed race, religion or ethnicity. The third book (anticipated release date of May, 2018), is called “Freeda The Frog Is On The Move,” and is designed to help kids who are moving to a new town and/ or going to a new school. Future books in the series will focus on topics such as death of a pet, adoptive families, gay families, death of a grandparent, special needs/ disabled kids, etc. The series is designed to help families of all species...one tadpole at a time!